Hickory Creek Trail: FS630 Trailhead

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Cohutta Wilderness

Hickory Creek FS630 Trailhead

Hickory Creek FS630 Trailhead

Hickory Creek Trail

Hickory Creek Trail

This short section of Hickory Creek Trail is 3.2 miles starting from its western trailhead(high elevation) at the end of FS630. This trailhead is the most popular access to the Conasauga River Watershed in the Cohutta Wilderness for one reason.

The trail is the shortest and easiest way into the western(Conasauga) part of the wilderness. The trail follows a wide roadbed and gradually descends into the Conasauga River Valley. And the drive to the trailhead is an easy 9.3 miles on a well maintained forest service road. Be aware of drivers coming around corners.

Hickory Creek Trail starts from its high elevation point at FS 630 Trailhead. The trail starts off slightly descending and losing elevation gradually. The trail heads in an easterly direction to approximately mile .7 before hooking back to the south. It continues its southern route for another .5 miles before sharply swinging back to the northeast arriving at Rough Creek at mile 1.2.

The trail follows Rough Creek for the next .7 miles to the Conasauga River. The trail comes in from above viewing the creek to the right. There are a couple of decent campsites next to Rough Creek. As the trail descends further it ends up paralleling the creek on its left bank. Rough Creek with the boulders so characteristic of the Cohutta Wilderness is pretty impressive for a creek, especially after some rainfall.

The trail crosses Rough Creek shortly before arriving at the Conasauga River and its namesake trail. Rough Creek joins the Conasauga River just to the left of this trail junction. The river has large boulders spanning it at this location.

Continue to the right and the Conasauga River Trail merges (this is the only trail merger in the Wilderness) with Hickory Creek Trail. These two trails share the same pathway for the next 1.3 miles hiking southeast and upstream to the Consauga River arriving at Bray Field.

This part of the trail is an easy hike. It starts off level before rising on a small slope overlooking the Conasauga River on its left. After following the river upstream the trail detours to the west from the river eventually passing a massive beaver pond on its left. After the spring the trail comes to Bray Field and the Conasauga River where this section of the trail ends.

From Bray Field, there are numerous opportunities. A lot of backpackers set up base camp at Bray Field and will day hike numerous trails throughout the wilderness. The trails immediate and near to Bray Field are Tearbritches (Strenuous), Conasauga River (Upstream or Downstream), Panther Creek (Panther Creek Falls), and the continuation of Hickory Creek Trail.

The Hickory Creek Trail fords the Conasauga River at Bray Field. The river is knee to thigh deep but is calm and easy to ford.

This part of the trail is considered a separate trail on this site. This 6.5 mile part of Hickory Creek Trail spans the northeast part of the Conasauga River Watershed in the Cohutta Wilderness. Its character is different than any other trail in the wilderness. It is neither a ridge trail or river trail. It is just a trail through the forest. The trail ends at the beginning of the Jacks River Watershed.

Hickory Creek Trail

Hickory Creek Trail parallel to Little Rough Creek

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Bray Field

"A wilderness...is hereby recognized as an area where the
earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man,
where man himself is a visitor who does not remain."

- Wilderness Act of 1964

Hickory Creek Trail

Conasauga River Trail Merges with Hickory Creek Trail

Map of Hickory Creek Trail

Orange Line is Hickory Creek Trail


Crandall, GA Access: From Eton, GA go north on Hwy 411 until the 4 lane highway converges into a two-lane. 3.0 miles from Eton, GA will be a Dollar General and Grassy St is located immediately before it. Turn right onto Grassy Street.

Google Map to Grassy St.

Drive straight 0.4 miles over the railroad tracks and turn right onto Crandall-Ellijay Road. Drive .1 mile and then take an immediate left onto FS 630 (Mill Creek Road). Continue straight eventually driving on gravel for 8.6 miles to the FS630-FS17 intersection. Continue driving through the intersection on FS630 and a further 0.3 miles to the trailhead.

Total Distance from Hwy 411: 9.4 miles. Have Fun!

Hickory Creek FS630
Distance: 3.2 miles
Hiking In: Easy
Hiking Out: Easy to Moderate
FS 630 Trailhead: 2,280 feet
Conasauga River Junction: 1,755 feet
Bray Field: 1,890 feet
Trail Junction: Conasauga River
Scenery(1-10): 9
Features: Conasauga River, Little Rough Creek
Bray Field

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